Nasa launch

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Nasa launch

Postby Burgerman » 27 Sep 2021, 18:37

Lift off 36 mins

Landsat. Weather is foggy as usual at vandenburgh and 90% go. At the moment... Looking too windy soon. So who knows.
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Re: Nasa launch

Postby Gnomatic » 27 Sep 2021, 22:29

Looks like a success.

ULA. Using one of the remaining couple dozen RD-180 powered Atlas V rockets remaining. The Russian RD-180 is a great engine, but Congress basically demanded that ULA cease use of the Russian engines as geopolitical tensions have increased. Their new Vulcan rocket will use Blue Origin's BE-4 engines. Which have faced delays, and reportedly caused a bit of acrimony between the two companies, even as they continue to show a good face in public regarding their partnership.

Maybe with Bezos stepping down as Amazon CEO, BO will become more than a hobby for him. So far BO seems preoccupied suing NASA for choosing SpaceX over BO and others for NASA's lunar landing contracts.
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