Suggestions for a double webcam with one USB plug & play...

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Suggestions for a double webcam with one USB plug & play...

Postby Spectra_Pilot » 15 Nov 2021, 17:02

Hi everyone, has anyone seen/bought a 2 camera webcam/webcams with a single USB plug? although I use one as a reversing camera on my powerchair but as its a single cam, it gives a central rear view, I thought by having separate cameras on on 1 cable I'd got a better view!

The current set up works great, giving a good view on my mobile but it'd like to make it even better.

All (serious) suggestions will be appreciated
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Re: Suggestions for a double webcam with one USB plug & play

Postby slomobile » 17 Nov 2021, 02:30

There are several stereo vision cameras that fit your description, but they are both facing the same way.

There are full 360 cameras which may be what you want. ... 8300678486

I have a panoramic camera which is just a single ordinary webcam pointed at a parabolic mirror to give a 360 view.

If you are looking for 2 independently aimable cameras, just use 2 cameras plugged into a USB hub.

You can use a docking station instead of a hub. It will charge your phone while giving you ethernet, video output, SD card slot.

Some new ones can hold a NVME storage device (hard drive). I've even heard that some new docking stations include a LCD screen built in.
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