Folding Power Chairs

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Folding Power Chairs

Postby bguy » 23 Apr 2021, 14:32

I have not seen many reviews in this category.

Any recommendations for where I should look?

Looking for something about 50 lbs. Even this category is flooded with offerings, for a newbie, it is quite overwhelming.
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Re: Folding Power Chairs

Postby Burgerman » 23 Apr 2021, 15:38

THeres hundreds. Mostly now these are all very similar, or rebranded, clones, all mAde in china. They are light as they use small 12Ah lithium ion batteries, alloy etc. How you choose one over another beats me. Dont buy anything with lead batteries or brushed motors. Cheapest on aliexpress etc. As for reviews theres few because theres so many that are different names and brands that are the same or similar. And theres some with different sized wheels etc. So whatever you like the look of! All much the same. Even bigger companies like pride sell them as "pride" branded chairs. At higher cost.
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Re: Folding Power Chairs

Postby hobie1dog » 24 Apr 2021, 14:13

I found my Airhawk branded chair used on one of the local classified sites for $400 so we got to try it out in the guys driveway. Buying one of these allowed us to sell the Harmar powered lift that we had been using to carry my regular Invacare chair around. We sold the lift for $550 The Airhawk folding chair is lightweight enough for my wife to get into the back of the SUV we have, especially when she removes the batteries, which are easily removed by grabbing the ends and simply pulling. Most of the time she only puts one of them in for short trips into a store or eatery . We bought the chair with the batteries fully charged and used it for 4 months or so before we had to recharge them. Granted this is in the Covid world where we don't go out as much as we normally would. My daughter bought an aluminum ramp that she could put in her garage so that I could drive my chair over top of her 3 steps that it was taking 2-3 people to get me in before. There is about a 2 second delay in the controls which I quickly got used to.

so battery life is great, it's lightweight, and allows me to get places I normally would not go, inexpensive, highly recommended.
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