Radical Mobility Predator 4x4 - Warning

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Radical Mobility Predator 4x4 - Warning

Postby AgGuy » 02 Jul 2021, 16:16

I became paraplegic in 2018. My agricultural occupation required a rugged, all-terrain power-chair to navigate farm fields. After searching I decided the Radical Mobility Predator would fit my needs the best, which I ordered directly from the company in early 2019. I am in the U.S., and the Predator is made in South Africa.

There have been many problems from day 1. I'll spare you the long list of issues, but it all boils down to poor build quality, design, and horrible customer support. I've had to re-weld components that had nasty factory welds, re-do very shoddy electrical work, put up with the under-powered design, and many other frustrations. What finally put me over the edge was the lack of customer service when I had a warranty issue with an actuator. I was assured that it was covered under warranty, and would be shipped right out. Nothing arrived. After many attempts to contact them over the next few months, I was again promised it would be shipped immediately. Nothing arrived and they have gone silent. I've tried multiple emails, multiple contacts through their web page, and multiple contacts through WhatsApp. I've done this for several months. I get nothing but silence.

I'm not a complainer and have never written a negative review on anything. I felt the need to alert and help others save themselves a lot of money and frustration.
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Re: Radical Mobility Predator 4x4 - Warning

Postby ex-Gooserider » 13 Jul 2021, 03:31

No help in dealing w/ the company, but I'd be looking at trying to find a different actuator instead... The two biggest things to look at are the stroke length and the force the actuator is rated for - those must be right, or it won't work... Then look at matching the physical design / mounting or if you can make adapters so as to make it fit. (sounds like you have the mechanical skills to do that) and possibly if you need to do any voltage changing to match the control outputs...

It's a pretty safe bet that Rad Mob didn't make the actuator, so it is basically going to be a question of figuring out what the original was and how to match it...

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