Viking 4x$\4

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Viking 4x$\4

Postby voyer » 22 Aug 2011, 19:45

Does anyone have and can review the Viking 4x4 all terrain wheelchair? http://www.medicalmobilityinternational ... power/4X4/

I'm shopping and I like its gyroscopic seat and self leveling rack...would prefer an Li battery system...but none commercially available, also, worried about the thinness of the tires..

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Re: Viking 4x$\4

Postby LROBBINS » 22 Aug 2011, 21:21

I have no take on the chair itself other than the fact that it wouldn't fit my daughter's needs - too large, no rehab seating, no tilt and lift, minimum floor to seat to high. I am, however, very curious about those Greensaver batteries. John, could you take a look at
and tell us what you think?
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Re: Viking 4x$\4

Postby Burgerman » 22 Aug 2011, 21:34

its made in china and available for half the price directly. Its slow, has to be as its big heavy and uses 4 batteries of less than 30 ah. So in reality its got about as much stored energy as a set of small wheelchair batteries. Green silicone batteries have no specs... But they are just sealed lead acids of some kind. It wont turn indoors, or on grass unless dry without tearing it up.
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Re: Viking 4x$\4

Postby Martin O Refurbisher » 22 Aug 2011, 22:07

If anyone is near Macomb MI, its certainly worth a look to see what it is in real life!

If only it will really do what is claimed!


Martin O Refurbisher

Re: Viking 4x$\4

Postby Ashley G » 22 Aug 2011, 23:18

Maybe I'm getting too cynical in my old age, or having a bad week or something, but I was totally unimpressed by that Viking publicity. Any interest I might have had would have been wiped-out as soon as I saw that site and its videos.

How important is it that we can "turn on a dime" on a beach ?

That gyroscopic seating didn't seem to be working on their own promo video ! In fact, when it woke up at all, it seemed to be throwing the guy backwards and forwards way too far and way too late. If it could be made to work, and managed to keep you sitting vertically, I wonder what that might do to your C of G, even on some of the terrains they chose to show us !

On the first video, to cross that li'l ditch, the guy had to lean forward well past where his gyroscope hadn't taken him (yet), just to get up the other side ! And his unstoppable power looked about fit to stop against a couple of the obstacles too.

Safety clearly isn't an issue. Check out the ramps they are happy to demonstrate using into the back of that truck ! Forget that wet tyres (we've been on the beach, remember !) will happily slither and slide. There is no way the average rider is standing alongside that chair to drive it up that ramp and, since the ramp is already sagging under the weight of the chair alone, I'm guessing you wouldn't want to ride it up.

Eeeeeh ! Bah gum ! It's not often an advertisement irritates me that badly, but they failed to demonstrate even a passing interest in safety. At the same time, they made outlandish claims about "unstoppable power" and then videoed the chair barely dragging itself over some of the obstacles, while the much vaunted gyroscopic seating appeared unable to keep up, even at those speeds.

Lordy Lordy. You'd think they would at least make it look like it works in their own video ! That is definitely not a company I would want to deal with, over something so important to me.

Oh well. Back to my corner ....


Ashley G
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Re: Viking 4x$\4

Postby Step » 23 Aug 2011, 06:59

looks like an excellent chair.
If you live in the woods... in a large cave without doors... or tables... and lots of time to spare (4mph max?)

Looks pretty useless indoors to me.
Way too high, wide, heavy, ...
Tank steering will rip out all carpets I think.

They did get 1 thing right. Central footrest.

Just my thoughts.
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Re: Viking 4x$\4

Postby voyer » 16 Sep 2011, 16:54

I want to thank everyone's comments on this. I've been hospitalized and wasn't able to read the posts until now. You guys are way more critical than I was. I didn't even think to be skeptical about the advertised performance. You all probably saved me from a BAD $10K purchase.

Back to the hunt :-)
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Re: Viking 4x$\4

Postby JoeC » 16 Sep 2011, 23:01

Always be skeptical, always. Remember this-

It seems that some people think that just because your legs stop working, so does your brain.
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Re: Viking 4x$\4

Postby malamar » 16 Feb 2012, 20:03

I think great of this one, looking at the film. ... hmKd_HeF14

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Re: Viking 4x$\4

Postby arikimau » 31 Oct 2017, 23:15

I have bought a second hand model and can post a review in due course, in particular I plan to take it on holiday to Chile (new year 2018) where its off road features may be advantageous - the downside is I have no comparable wheelchair experience to measure it against.

Considerations will include

step climbing

off road in Chile (small town urban and rural)

internal use/access/practicaility



4 wheel and three wheel (freewheel caster) turning (outdoor / indoor)

battery use life (distance / terrain) and charging time

the driver control and information screen

two person carriage

ramp loading into a vehicle

I will try to have videos taken in situ using a compact camera
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