Otto Bock b600

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Otto Bock b600

Postby Goibot » 22 Feb 2012, 14:57

I got to test drive one of these yesterday, and frankly I was a bit disappointed. The people that design these must not use them. It does have some nice points about it; the ride was comfortable, the seat elevation was 16" biggest I've found, it didn't get stuck in my yard, and it performed good indoors.

Of course you can't really rate it in the way it handles because it was programmed with so many delays. I was not impressed with its speed or torque. I got the rep to race me down my drive way, me in the Ibot and him in his. He almost kept up with me going down hill but when we came back the gap between us widened a pretty good bit. Again this might be programming.

One killer for me was the stupid arm rests. I use a Braun entervan and back up the ramp and slide into the drivers seat that swivels. The arm rest would not flip up, you have to take it off completely. That in itself wouldn't be too bad but they have the lights mounted on them and an additional control panel as well so you wound have to contend with all the wires too.

This chair doesn't do obstacles worth a damn. I need a chair to do at least a 3" obstacle. I screwed together 3" of boards for a simple test. I got the feeling it would break the castors before going over it. The one I tested did not have the springer forks on front, that might of helped but I doubt it. It needs bigger tires in front and wider ones in back.

It had swing away foot rests that use a lot of space out front and stuck up at the knee to preclude transfering from the side. The rep did tell me that they had a center mount one.

The other thing that struck me was that I didn't get the feeling that I could pull up to a hose and clean the tires that way. The electronics seemed pretty opened. The exposed screw heads looked to be galvanized not stainless steel.

Over all I did like the chair, it seemed to be fairly well made and would work well for someone like my mother, but I don't think it will handle what I dish out.

Next up I am trying to get a test on the bounder plus and the frontier v6. Anyone have any other ideas I should try?
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Re: Otto Bock b600

Postby Burgerman » 22 Feb 2012, 16:06

I think you will find the bounder is a tank. And the V6 Ok but seating/footplate build quality lacking. At least it will go up a curb. But its long. Especially behind you.

Other suggestions? Dunno. Groove, with optional larger casters and 120 amp controller?

There really isnt much to choose from with the current hi-end powerchairs. Hence the DIY approach. An X5 or V6 would be my choice if I didnt build my own. Or even a lightly modified F55s. But thats where I came in... And it didnt stay lightly modified...
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Re: Otto Bock b600

Postby Lord Chatterley » 25 Apr 2012, 20:41

Wow - you can understand why some people prefer manual chairs - unbelievable!!

I have tried chairs programmed like this! :o
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Re: Otto Bock b600

Postby s7even » 27 Sep 2014, 12:24

I tried and ordered a b400 yesterday. The control was probably the worst I've tried and I've been trying a few. I think that maybe because the control settings and the fact the motors are small. It's only 4mph max but in my manual I do 2mph and I haven't cra... oh I hit a car that turned in without signalling. Really 4mph is plenty for me.

I bought it even though it's hard to control because it's built by Germans. Haha really though £2055 is a good price for the market.

I'll see about modifying it ultimately I would like to build a bm3 but this is OK in meantime.
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Re: Otto Bock b600

Postby Sully » 27 Sep 2014, 18:19

It woulld be a lot more responsive if it was a 4 pole motor rather than the two pole as shown in the clip. Two pole small low powered/torque (not speed) motor equals disaster. I will be feeling sorry for you, if you purchased what I assume you did. But as a consolation it is pretty. :shock:
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Re: Otto Bock b600

Postby Burgerman » 27 Sep 2014, 19:10

Well it has weedy motors, small Amp low power controller, and small batteries to match because that's all that is required to go 4mph. And that's the reason for the price.

It is badly programmed (you should be able to fix that) too. But they ALL are...
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