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PostPosted: 21 Oct 2010, 00:57
by hairyapple
I have recently taken delivery of my 'Salsa Pro (R), from the Wheel-Chair service. I have had many powerchairs in the past, but I have found the 'Salsa to be very disapointing. I was advised that it's weight was around 120KG! But with the power tilt mechanisam, the chair is infact a 142kg. This was a bitter blow 'As my car hoist has a maximum lift of : 130kg. 'So I will need to have my hoist 'either replaced or uprated. 'But I have been unable to find any companies, who list a suitable lifting bracket for the Salsa anyway! The Salsa is in fact a very compact PowerChair. 'It is in fact smaller that my previous (Karma KP 25 Falcon). But the Falcon only weighed in at: 68KG and with it's 40amp batteries it had a resonable range of around (8Miles) in the summer. The Salsa has 60 amp batteries, So I was hoping that it would have a much improved range! Unforunatly 'this isn't really the case! I have discharged and recharged the batteries around (10 times now). But the range is very disapointing! I am lucky if I get, 10 miles on a full charge!. I feel that this is partly due to the "Very heavy weight of the Salsa" and also due the the small dimintions of the "So called '60 amp batteries". I also find that (Sunrise) have returned to the previous "Bug Bear" of their 'Model F50 power chair. ie, The foot plates are simply to close together! This causes the sides of my carf / legs 'To contact and rub on the footrests. I had the same problem with a (Power Tech F50) 'Years ago!. Also 'the foot plates and foot straps, tend to rub on the front tyres when reversing! I find that the footrests are very heavy to remove and refit! "Why on earth are they made out of steel?? You also have to be very carfull that you don't catch the (Joystick adjustment shaft knob on doorways or people!! This stupid knob 'Sticks out by about an inch! 'In fact I took this knob off, and simply tighten up the seperate allen key. The joystick cable is very poorly postioned / run. 'It seems far to easy to catch the cable on passing objects! 'I feel that the standard headrest is a poor degign. It sticks out of the back of the chair 'Much to far! The headrest then catches on walls and furniture, when you try to manover & turn indoors. But the Salsa does 'give a very comfortable ride. Best wishes, Paul


PostPosted: 21 Oct 2010, 09:48
by Burgerman
I have to qualify that with it has a "comfy ride" given its small hard tyres and wheels. Because its not in the same league outdoors as say a Frontier X5 or my own powerchair. Tested one and it felt like I was being vibration tested! (In comparison).

And it didnt have the power with me in it to go up the steep ramp into my local pubs bar either. ... 3/ramp.jpg This is one of my standard tests. Not many chairs can do this. Or turn around in the small disabled toilet either in the same pub... And theres a tight 25.5 inch wide doorway to access the resturant. In all a good example of an outdoor venue that a Wheelchair Services powerchair simply cant use.


PostPosted: 14 Apr 2011, 14:03
by Katilea
I went to wheelchair services. I had got home demo of a TDX thinking that Invacare supplied their chairs cheap and so it would be that MWD.

It has to be a MWD cos of angles between my doorways indoors as the standard Spectra won't do it.

So anyway I went to clinic they had booked a TDX from my driving test which was ridiculously easy! When they priced up my clinical needs it came to £7,500 the guy offered them to do Salsa MWD for around £3,800 ish, so I have to go back in 2 weeks to try that one.

They have said I can still get the TDX if I want but I have to find the remaining £3,600 or thereabouts for when I go back to pay for it and they will give me the cost of the Salsa in vouchers towards it.

To be honest mine will be mainly indoors chair as I have a mobility scooter I use to walk my dog which can easily get over the playing fields and carry loads of stuff back from the Asda. On the specs I got it said they were 50ah batteries?? maybe the RWD version is different?

The MWD got a good review on the site I had seen it reviewed on and probably for what I'd use it for it would be fine for me. I'll wait and see when I go back but I don't see point in spending nearly £4,000 of my savings if the one they provide will do the same job as well for me. I could use the money for a standing frame as they won't fund the Genie standing chair and I can't afford difference for that either.



PostPosted: 15 Apr 2011, 07:27
by Burgerman
Fair enough. You might want to read this carefully though.


And wait a little.