Permobil M5 versus M3

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Permobil M5 versus M3

Postby mogulman » 23 Mar 2019, 17:42

Has anyone compared the Permobil M5 versus M3?

I currently have a Permobil M300 that is 6 years old and looking to get a new chair. I've been very happy with Permobil. They don't make the M300 so I was looking at the M3. It has similar features to M300. It is a little heavier (~40#) but it should work. I also saw the M5. I couldn't really see a difference other than an extra 2" in elevation which I don't care about. It is also about 85# heavier than the M300.

I'll be assessed in April for the chair but I want to do a little research first.
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Re: Permobil M5 versus M3

Postby Twinpanther » 23 Mar 2019, 18:46

Didn't dig overly deep but found these comparisons for the M3vM5.
The only real differences I see are the speed and obstacle capability.
For those of us here in the US basically it's 6mph motors M3 vs 7.5mph motors M5 and obstacle clearance of 2-3 inches M3 vs 3-3.5 inches M5.
Everything else looks pretty much identical but those 2 are pretty important differences. No expert by any means here and it's not that simple I'm sure but someone will come along and give you more professional and accurate info.
Good luck with your choice!
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Re: Permobil M5 versus M3

Postby Burgerman » 24 Mar 2019, 09:49

Usually its battery size, motor controller Amps and 2 and 4 pole motors. Possibly wheel / tyre size. Suspension. In the case of permobil not so sure.

They appear the same ish, with 120 r-net power module. The slower one will likely use weedier less efficient 2 pole motors. Hence the same range for the pair. It also seems to use smaller casters and more plastic. Making it less good outdoors. But better indoors. Both have 6 wheel suspension, and the F5 has grp24 batteries. They are an upgrade option on the F3.

M5 ... 0sheet.pdf
M3 ... 08_WEB.pdf
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Re: Permobil M5 versus M3

Postby mogulman » 26 Apr 2019, 00:08

I met with the wheelchair assessment and he explained the M5 is considered an outdoor wheelchair and the M3 is considered an indoor wheelchair. The M5 is considered a Group 4 wheelchair and the M3 is a group 3 wheelchair. Medicare will only cover a group 3 wheelchair (indoor wheelchair). The M5 will be an approximately $6,000 out of pocket expense.
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