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Postby JOEY » 08 Apr 2011, 10:34

any one know if the p220 sunrise powerchair has any major faults, as i have been offered one until my quickie groove is repaired. but i dont want it if their are always problems. any one had one.
thanks joey.
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Postby Martin O Refurbisher » 08 Apr 2011, 10:57

I've had a few people mention to me that they have them, but no negative comments heard so far. We've not worked on one.


Martin O Refurbisher


Postby JoeC » 14 Apr 2011, 21:56

The P220 is a lower cost, lower powered version of the P222se. It has an integrated controller (all of the power electronics are in the joystick pod). It has no suspension to speak of, but it does have some basic adjustments available for the seat position and angle. I do know a number of people who use this chair for competitive power wheelchair soccer, and it's at least good enough for smaller individuals to play at a fairly high level.

It has a battery box that hangs off the back and some flimsy anti-tip wheels, so it's not great for off-road or more challenging terrain. This chair does have the advantage of being able to break apart into pieces without tools, allowing a typical able bodied individual to fit the chair into a non-ramped vehicle (even a four-door sedan or hatchback instead of a van or truck). It's not convenient, but it's doable.
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Postby expresso » 21 May 2012, 01:19

i have and use a 220 every day - had it for the past 8 years and i have to say - its been excellent in terms of durability and has not let me down once -

i dont want to jinx myself now - :) its quick - peppy little chair - the anti-tippers work great - i am always with my front wheels off the ground - and they work to keep from tipping over - never had a problem with them either -- i agree with the battery back - it does stick out a bit - overall - its a compact chair -

i keep a nap sack on the back which helps to give it a better look - dosnt look like its sticking out as much - but compared to other chairs - yeah it does -

thats about the only thing i dont like is to change the batteries you have to take it apart - its not that hard - but many Vendor techs - never done it before -
you have them couch them first time - once they do it - then its easy for the next time -

i cant complain about this chair - i am soon to be getting my new chair in a few days - and stayed with quickie - this one is the 222 Se - i hope it serves me as good as my 220 does now -
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