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This device allows us to convert a scooter or power wheelchair to Lithium-Ion or rather Lithium-Ion Phosphate without the danger of running the battery too low. Because this damages lithium batteries.

Forum discussion on this here: http://www.wheelchairdriver.com/board/viewtopic.php?f=2&t=2884

There are many similar devices available from hobby shops or on eBay for literally the price of a beer!

 This one here allows the following:

It CYCLES through the following, depending how many cells you connect.

Cell 1, Cell2, Cell3, etc up to 8 cells, and then ALL cells (total pack) Voltage. Then it repeats. It uses very little current and can be left connected for all intents and purposes almost forever as a monitor. Its ALARM is pretty loud. So when it reaches your chosen voltage, you will know about it!



ONE of these is great for a 8 cell LiFePO4 pack to replace your powerchairs lead bricks. However it can also work on up to 8 cells of Lithium Polymer (LiPo) as well as Lithium Ion, and Lithium Manganese. Its VERY accurate.

Obviously it connects in the same way as your balance cables connect. Its reverse polarity protected and easy to figure out.

This does away with the need for the typical CELL DAMAGING and frankly useless BMS systems that kill off most lithium batteries as a low voltage guard. And it allows you to continue at your own peril/expense should you need to do so. Its 2.7v alarm, is a very safe figure for LiFePO4 cells, and you may be able to trigger it intermittently under heavy loads, as the battery gets low. This is a good thing because it will warn you gradually that you should be on the way home.  

If your pack has more than 8 cells in series, as mine does, you simply need 2 of these or more...  Once set, you can leave them in the battery compartment and forget them.  This used in conjunction with HIGH C RATE cells, and a GOOD CHARGER rather than a dumb charger is all you require and then you can forget the unreliable and cell damaging BMS that others use.

Here is a movie showing how it works...




Here connected to my 4 cell LiPo battery as a demonstration. This is showing that this cell is at 3.85 volts. It cycles automatically at 1 second interval through every connected cell.

This tiny board is what you get for the price of a pint... The same connectors that connect to a typical charger balance port fit these pins. You want an 8 cell connector, and this will have 9 pins. Any good hobby shop.

Instructions are all that's required! But you need good eyes!

Here is a movie showing how it works...



Lithium Ion Batteries for Powerchairs and Scooters  Now you CAN have high performance, range, and a small light powerchair!  The manufacturers are too slow to do any of this stuff but its all available and possible now!

Lithium battery Voltages, and Powerchair battery voltage compatibility, chart here   Our powerchair controllers are a bit backwards as of 2011 so you need to be careful that the type of lithium battery, and cell count, matches the old lead batteries you are replacing...

NEW page on lithium power!!!  My own powerchair now uses a huge 3x the energy storage, 45v, Lithium Ion Phosphate battery, but here's a page I posted a while ago just before this point in time.

My OWN Lithium Ion Phosphate (LiFePO4) Powerchair Battery Page   How I did it! This is currently the best and most efficient way of doubling your range as well as your speed! AND having a battery with typically 10 to 15 years life.

How to convert your EXISTING POWERCHAIR to LITHIUM BATTERIES! Detailed info on exactly HOW to throw away your lead bricks...

Lithium batteries for your existing powerchair Whilst this is entirely possible, and easy to do, its very much more complicated to do things properly so that the full advantage of maximum range and performance is realised.

SAFE cheap accurate low voltage monitoring for your lithium battery pack So you do NOT need a BMS... Those things are terrible!




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