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John Williamson

Pride's Quantum "Rehab" Q6000 + Q6000Z Powerchairs. The Q6000 and Q6000Z are 6 Wheel or "Mid Drive" Full Sized Hi End Powerchairs.   Only Q6000 in UK as far as I know the Q6000z is US only.

These are one of the few powerchairs worthy of any consideration by Adult Paraplegic, Quadriplegic (and other) "all day" full time, serious and active Powerchair users. As such they need to be good! I only point out the negatives in many reviews so its not as bad as this page may make it seem!  PowerChair ONLY Menu  narrower chair:  Pride's Quantum "Rehab" Q6 "Edge"

Like all modern Powerchairs it will need to be properly re-programmed and set up to suit its user. In the case of this and other Pride mobility chairs this is even more important than usual.

It will feel like just the "steering" is connected by some loose rubber bands at very best, Accuracy and precision is impossible at any speed other than very slowly on every Pride powerchair I ever tried.  

Want more evidence? Read this ...

Unfortunately this kind of woolly delayed action, unpredictable delayed response to the controls is common in almost all modern powerchairs and considered "normal" and acceptable by the whole industry. It makes them "soft" or "safe" for the incapable or those with very little control ability. It sort of makes control response "safer" for the sort of user that slams it to the extremes rather than has any "feel" and sensitive accurate control. 

And a complete pig to steer for any relatively capable active user with normal hand dexterity. I have not tried this particular chair but its rear drive brother for example is awful in this respect. This one will be exactly the same I would expect just like most powerchairs which was recently confirmed on testing by a number of people.

It can be fixed easily enough though by some simple reprogramming if you can find anyone that can and will do it, But not by the usual "end user" level programmers commonly found and used by supposed experts, providers and "tech" guys. This applies to every single chair I have ever tested or used though, regardless of the manufacturer, not just this one! 

You need access to the OEM or equivalent "lower level" or "engineering level" programming tools and someone that has them & understands them to fix this on this and every new powerchair. Otherwise you will never see the full potential control capability or even close to it. You probably think your current chair drives fine!  Well that's because you really don't know how good they actually "can" be and have nothing that steers and moves properly to compare it to. See programming

Back to this specific chair, I have not been able to get one of these to try personally (yet). But have seen one in person close up in my house and it uses the exact same electronics packages and options as the R-4000 powerchair does so much of the comments on that chairs motors/controllers hold true here as well. The only real difference between these two is where the drive wheels are situated and the casters. These two chairs are basically brother and sister. 

So please read that review to gain an idea of its power and motor capabilities as well! Much of that review also applies to both this 6 wheel Q6000 and Q6000Z as well as to the R4000 and R4400. They all use the same motive power components / controllers etc. So its important to read that R-4000 page if you are considering buying one of these Q6000 powerchairs.

A quick controller/speed package summary follows anyway!

Avoid the 8mph "Hammer" motor option, unless you are light/skinny and don't go very far each day. It will have less range and shorter battery service life and does definitely have less torque (power) than the 6mph version does. (And that's important for control. We all want "faster" but its not always a good idea.)

And that 6mph R4000 chair didn't have very much torque to start with! And definitely opt for the 100 amp control system option rather than the 70 Amp one!  Again this is important even on the 6mph version, especially if you are heavy! At least it is if you intend to go up ramps, thresholds etc with any kind of control capability or real "torque" for control in difficult situations. Again this also depends on programming too.  The Pride Q-Logic control is really a just a rebranded Curtis Mc-2 100 amp system. At least as far as we can tell. It may have pride specific firmware though.

Quantum Rehab Q6000

Bigger Q6000 image

Stephen in his Q6000 in my kitchen today... Note one of my own home built / seriously modified powerchairs  on the left!  He had come to see me as he is actually building one of these too. A clone. To replace his indoor chair (the Q6000) and his Frontier X5 outdoor chair since mine does both jobs better in one single powerchair.  No need to keep swapping or driving around with two chairs...

The difference between the Q6000 Q6000Z is basically just the size of the casters. On both of these Powerchairs the casters are tiny anyway and very solid!  I think only Q6000 is available in the UK and 6mph. But in any case the Q6000z is only a minor improvement outdoors. Its just not cut out for the outside world!  Just 5 inch diameter front casters on the Q6000 and just 6 inch on the Q6000Z.   So you may as well forget the Q6000 for outside... (The Q6400 just has the 8mph package as stock.) On the others its an option that is a bad choice anyway at least for most "grown" adults if you expect any real range and torque. There's little enough of that as it is.

There are minor detail differences in the caster arm lengths for e.g. too but caster size is the real difference that's important to us here.

Pride's Quantum Q6000 powerchair

Bigger Q6000 image 

On these sorts of surfaces, and indoors its at natural home. Although I prefer not to have casters sticking out behind me when moving about in a busy place! They hurt your toes apparently according to all the people around you... 

One thing that really bothers me about these chairs is the sheer number of brackets and parts that appear to be randomly bolted together. Not exactly clean elegant simple well thought out design, more designed by committee of hundreds but it works... On the flat. And indoors. Stephen suffers from pressure sore issues, as I do, and wants a MUCH smother ride than this chair can offer with its small hard drive wheels and casters. And no suspension on the drive wheels that you are sat on.  He needed bigger fatter softer wheels and tyres. Hence he bought a Frontier X5. Which is too big and long and high indoors and wont fit his van... Actually he lowered the seat but its too wide to drive from as it cannot sit centrally in line with the steering wheel.

The idea being that smaller casters (Q-6000) are better indoors since they hit less of your surroundings when manoeuvring but are really completely useless outdoors other than in shopping centres etc. And because there are 6 wheels and a caster sticking out in each corner on mid drive chairs like this one that's pretty important.  And the one inch "bigger" (but still tiny ones) on the Q-6000Z version work better outdoors. Which is true to a VERY small degree.  Its still bone shaking...

The "bigger" 6 inch ones on the Z version are still just 6 inches!!!  That's still tiny.  There are pot holes where I live bigger than that!  The ones on my own chairs are 10 inches diameter and pneumatic so absorb shocks and roll over uneven ground massively better and are just about bearable outdoors in the real world where even the smoothest pavements are to but it mildly very rough!

Well I can assure you that with the BIGGER but still tiny 6 inch casters, the real world is still a step too far for this powerchair!  I watched a guy trying to drive his Q6000 over the same car park and building entrance area that my own chair just glides over smoothly. He was rattled about horribly and looked very uncomfortable.

Remember that even a very small 3 inch curb or pot hole, or threshold is the centre axle height of the wheel!  At axle height it will hit what appears to be a solid wall as far as that tiny wheel is concerned. And with solid tiny tyres they "see" (and you will feel), every tiny crack and bump along the way. And quite noisily...

I have seen them in action and had many emails from readers asking about how to improve the ride on supposed "smooth" pavements. This is a chair that WILL go outside and on dry grass etc and even up small curbs. But you will not want to do it very often! 

I have at least 4 emails recently from people complaining that its the only chair they have used that gets them literally "stuck" crossing gravel or uneven broken surfaces as the 4 caster wheels leave the drive wheels spinning uselessly in mid air.

Q6000 Rear View, Quantum.

Bigger Q6000 image

Not exactly elegant from the rear either is it? I have never seen so many tiny parts, bolts, springs, unpainted plastic parts, cables and wires hanging seemingly at random in my life!  Sort of an explosion in a powerchair factory and it all stuck. And they left it looking like that! 

If I had built that I would consider it a prototype and would come back and build a FINISHED version that looked tidy and still worked the same... It honestly looks dangerous. Anyone could yank out a cable either on purpose or by accident and you are screwed...  And these are the offending casters sticking out at the rear. They hit furniture, as you manoeuvre. Worse they run over peoples feet when in a busy pub for e.g. and try to turn or move about. What a great idea!  Its why 6 wheeled powerchairs are a bad idea. An engineers worst nightmare and always a compromise.  Still it clears a gap around you. Note all the scratch marks on the side shields, And note that they are small, and solid. Like an office chair. Try your office chair in the street!

It uses solid (foam filled) drive wheel tyres as well which already give a VERY "firm" ride on all powerchairs with small hard sidewalls compared to my own powerchair and its tiny solid casters that hit every bump and crack in the pavement certainly wont help the ride comfort!.

This chair is better definitely better suited to indoors. In which case you may as well find a smaller width powerchair to make life easier in the first place. Maybe a narrower Pride powerchair like the 600?

Because it is better suited to indoor use its length and width are very important too. But Its actually WIDER than my own powerchair and that has huge soft riding fat / wide tyres for true and smooth comfortable outdoor use.  They are not trying.  And its already 38.5 inches long WITHOUT any foot riggings. Whatever that means. Do people use chairs without their footplates? Not normally! But my own narrower truly outdoor capable powerchair is just 40 inches long INCLUDING a 10 inch long footplate.  So I suspect its going to be considerably longer too.

This chair isn't going to cut it on any soft ground or snow either as its main drive wheels are skinny and so will sink into the snow / sand / mud and its tiny casters will try to plough through it. No floatation. 3 inches deep and its at the caster wheels axle level!  And stuck fast. Stuck is a comment many seem to have about this chair though. Keep a phone with you when off the smooth hard stuff!

So its a reasonably good indoor chair, an average to very mediocre outdoor chair best suited to modern well maintained cities and shopping centres and other pretty smooth flat areas. Not too good outdoors especially on any soft ground in the winter or gravel and you will probably need to see a dentist to get your fillings put back in after its shaken them out.

Quantum Q6000 Rear

Bigger Q6000 image

Another look at the very untidy rear. And the hard skinny drive wheels. They don't actually have suspension as such either. Just the rear casters and the front arms are sprung "down" to stop it falling forwards. Dog lead is extra. Not that the grey casters are brown/yellow. Grey tyres do this and look awful. The drive wheel tyres are new. Its another reason I use black tyres.

Seriously, if you want a Pride Quantum Powerchair that can be used outdoors properly with only a very slight disadvantage indoors, take a look at the R4400 or R4000 Powerchair. If you spend the most time indoors then this Q6000 chair may suit you better although its indoor capability is really only marginally better than the rear drive Quantum R4000 / R4400 Powerchair. And not as good as some chairs.

Mid drive has dubious benefits even indoors, when wider and longer than some hi end truly capable outdoor powerchairs. Most will tell you that they can go anywhere this chair can indoors when in the rear drive R4000 quantum or similar chair. 

This chair is actually a front wheel drive powerchair - (almost!) Its weight when stationary is as follows: A little bit of weight on the rear casters and most of the weight on the centre drive wheels. The front two casters are in contact with the ground only because they are "sprung" into that position. (Which actually removes weight and grip from the drive wheels)

They need to be there so that when you slow down, or when you descend a ramp the whole chair doesn't fall over forwards. But those front arms can leave you with the centre wheels suspended off the ground when attempting a steep ramp or on uneven / soft ground for example. They either allow you to rock about when accelerating or slowing, or they take weight off the drive wheels. You can set them up to do both to a lesser or greater degree. Its an engineers nightmare! I really don't like mid drive / 6 wheel powerchairs.

The swing away Control pod mounting is a true designed by committee bit of overly complex, big, weak, wobbly engineering!  Made of too many un-needed parts. Only a powerchair manufacturer could possibly manage to do this!  Its the same one used on other Pride Quantum powerchairs. They work loose and fail. These kinds of things never fail to amuse me. Seriously I could design something prettier and stronger and simpler in my sleep. Powerchairs are built by teams of experts. Non of which seem to get the big picture. Bracket holding bracket holding another bracket. Nobody it seems quite gets it. Pride are not alone here though. There's more on this and a photo below...

There are tons of "rehab" seating and footrest options available and I wont go into that here other to say get the single central footplate not the swing away ones if possible for reasons of manoeuvrability, and be careful that your choice of seating does not mean smaller batteries or higher seat height...  Make sure to ask the right questions!  It usually means both. And masses of extra weight and cost!

Summary. OK indoors. Not as narrow as some indoor chairs. Or even as narrow as my own outdoor chairs!  Full range and torque if programmed correctly with 6mph version, 8mph only if you are a lightweight 13 year old girl or don't go far or do any ramps.  Outdoors only on "good" surfaces and there are tons of seating options.  (That nobody understands!) 

There is even a children's version which is ridiculous as it means they just stick a small seat on a full sized powerchair that then has batteries, controllers, and motors designed for a heavy adult / all day usage which means the chair is muh too big for a child 

If you have a dog that needs walks or don't live in a shopping centre then the R4000 is better bet for most if you want a Pride Quantum Powerchair. In my opinion.

Pride have a few issues regarding detail design too. This abortion of design that uses at least a thousand random odd shaped brackets, clamps, screws, and bits of bent metal is their swing away pod mounting. A true bit of designed by students "engineering".  No doubt expensive and subject to coming loose and wobbling about. I could do better in about ten minutes flat in my bedroom! Elegant and neat and simple it is NOT!!!  In fact I am lost for words here..

One other thing. I priced up some spares from Pride. They were around DOUBLE the price of the similar part from Sunrise Medical In this case it was motors and controllers. All 100Amp and 4 pole 8mph motors...


Specifications  My Comment (white)

Maximum Speed    
6 Mph 
(About right! Faster is worse for both Torque and Range)

8mph (A step too far if you are heavy or need some Torque - OK if light!)

Up to 25 Miles
(claimed for all variants which cannot be true!)   
Read about Range!

Weight Capacity  
300 lbs
Product Width   Wider "just" than my own  
25.75 Inches
Slightly wider than my own All Terrain tyre chair and that has 12 inches of rubber. They are not trying!
Product Length  

38.5 without footplates!
 40 is better! (Mines 40 shorter with a very deep 10 inch footrest!!!)

Seat Width

Adjustable to 20 inches


Group 24 full sized 
Good - less is useless unless in a slower chair or if you weigh very little. Don't get the group 34 ones - or if you do swap them for Hawker Odyssey ones...
8 amp.
Industry standard size. OK for overnight very slow charging. 12 would be better. Batteries have moved on. Or even fast

Add your OWN Review, Pictures, or any other comments you may have and read other peoples opinions about this RQ6000Z or Q6000 (Q6400Z) Powerchair here

And see this about the 8mph versions issues: http://www.wheelchairdriver.com/board/viewtopic.php?f=2&t=375

See also its REAR Drive brother!


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