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The important thing about these Chrysler disabled conversions over many other vehicle conversions is that they have been professionally developed over a great many years. To both provide "drive from wheelchair vehicles" and for transporting wheelchair passengers. They have evolved into a very professional product over time by companies like Braun originally and Rollx, VMI and others. They involve special interior and exterior body panels and other major parts and are built production line style. Its not a one off work it out as you go "bodged" mess! They all look as good as any production line car, you don't see where the original car ends or the conversion starts.   Continued on pages 1  2  3  4


Be careful of some other less well known companies. I have seen some very rough conversions too!  Email me with your experiences to share with the world!  Look and compare carefully before you buy.

They can also be used for transporting a wheelchair occupant or three in the front passenger "seat" side, or/and in the rear as well as in the driving position. If you are thinking about a wheelchair adapted van and you have the money you must take a look at these Chryslers.

They are about to be replaced in 2008 with a newer model. I am not sure if they will still be able to be converted in the same manner but I wouldn't want one anyway they are ugly! At least to my eyes! Anyway I digress...  Enjoy these pics and be sure to read as you go!  There are a great many companies offering these vehicles used and in as new condition in the US. Ever thought about saving literally tens of thousands and importing one? Its easy.  Update! They can be converted. See here

Front corner minivan

The conversion goes like this. New or almost new Chryslers minivans (or Dodge minivans) are taken from the factory and have the whole floor pan removed. A new one is fitted, 10 inches lower!  Serious modification or what!  

Veiw inside drivers area - see the level of the original floor by looing at the driver seat

Then a sliding in-floor or a two piece electrically operated ramp is installed in the sliding door on the opposite side of the van to the drivers seat.  This door is wider and better suited to a wheelchair.  Then everything is re trimmed on the inside of the vehicle to an extremely high standard in some conversions by the likes of Braun, Rollx etc. Be sure to look around. Some conversions are less well finished!  Mine looks like the Chrysler factory did it.

passenger side


All the fuel/cables/brake pipes and other things are moved to accommodate the new much lower floor. Everything is rust proofed. In some conversions (In my Rollx for e.g.,) the suspension is raised slightly to increase ground clearance. This can make the vehicle look a little high compared to a non modified Chrysler minivan but more functional. Its a fight between ground clearance and ride height!  Being disabled is the cause of many compromises... 

Left/rear view of chrysler/dodge minivan voyager

In addition to this the Chrysler minivans suspension has a lowering mechanism fitted. When you press the button on your key fob, the vans "lowers" itself - Known as kneeling. At the same time the sliding side door opens up automatically and the ramp deploys.  Cool eh? Now you have a very shallow ramp that even a manual wheelchair can easily get up!

Powered tailgate!

Now depending on the internal configuration you can either park your wheelchair inside to be driven or go to the wheelchair clamp in the drivers position.  This means you are ready to drive in a matter of 60 seconds!  The wheelchair clamp can be different makes and styles but the commonly used Ez lock just uses a pin fixed to the bottom of your wheelchair. You drive in and clunk! its got you. Then with simple or complex hand controls - your choice - you are ready to go!

view from the inside of the chrysler with the ramp down

Wide tyre only JUST misses door by 5mm max

The aftermarket wheels (and the sizes) below will fit the Braun Entervan, Rampvan, the Rollx minivans etc. They will go straight on. Just! They have a sensible sidewall height, so no worries about pot holes or uncomfortable ride. 

There are many styles but the important critical dimensions here are wheel size which is 18 x 8.5 inches with an offset (or ET) 35mm. And also tyre size.

These are fitted with 245/50/18 tyres. These sizes will JUST miss the suspension upright on the front, and also JUST miss the rear of the front wheel arch on full lock. They also only JUST miss the sliding (powered) rear doors as they open by 3mm or an 1/8th of an inch!  They are 16mm bigger in overall diameter than stock, and 30mm or an inch and a quarter wider than stock.

They LOOK massively wider though. See pictures. Another advantage is that they fill the wheel arches much more because of the slightly bigger overall diameter (which makes the speedometer read about 2 percent slower) and look better while giving half an inch more ride height to help the dropped floor running clearance. This combination seems a better bet on our potholed roads than even lower profile tyres and/or bigger diameter rims would be.  The original 16inch x 6.5 sized wheels with the standard skinny 215/65/16 tyres look bloody silly on these vans as the body rides about 2 inches higher for ground clearance.

The actual wheels I fitted are Outlaw Katanas 18 x 8.5j  with 245/50/18 rubber. These were a limited production run especially for them  Normally these are only 7.5 inches wide.  Don't be tempted to get narrower wheels like 7.5 or 8 inch because although they fit they will look a bit silly on a van this size.  Any style of wheels as long as they are the size quoted will fit and work great!



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