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Add a 24volt heavy duty connector to your powerchair or scooter for accessories or charging uses.
- or -

Adding a pair of heavy duty 12v connectors to your powerchair or scooter.
More Charging Methods

This page assumes your wheelchair or scooter has two large 12v batteries on board as most do.

You may as well take advantage of that power!

Why you would want to fit a single heavy duty 24v "Anderson" style connector:

a) Almost all Deep Cycle AGM batteries (and many GEL batteries) as used on our powerchairs and scooters are quite capable of being safely charged much faster with larger (bigger amp) chargers that they are normally supplied with. But the standard powerchair / scooter charge plug/socket and wiring is too small to safely allow this. See Fast Charging Your Powerchair This allows a mid day top up in under an hour and PROLONGS battery longevity to help your pocket and means you go out in the evening fully charged!

b) Various other devices we want to use/run while sat in a powerchair or scooter are mains powered. A larger 24v inverter to 240v ac or 110/120v ac (1000 watts or above up to say 1500 watts) can be safely run from these 50 amp connectors to allow this if correctly fitted.

Or even just a small few hundred watt one. (Although up to a 300 watt inverter can also usually run from your normal existing Neutrix charge socket)

This allows things like mains powered vacuum cleaners, garden tools like electric trimmers or mowers, drills, lights, laptops, hair dryers, car vacuums and polishers, soldering irons, phone chargers, or any other mains powered device you normally need to use an extension lead for, to run directly from your powerchair indoors or out.

I use mine for both (a) above and most of this list! This frees you from the bind of extended mains cables that get caught in your wheels while cutting the grass/cleaning the car or just using your laptop in your powerchair foe hours in the pub as I am writing this...

c) You have a direct 24v connection for any other purpose you may have in mind. It allows you to charge your powerchair at 24v directly from say a boat, or RV that uses a 24 volt battery system and let the engines alternator do the work. A vehicles alternator or a portable generator can recharge your powerchair or scooters fast (typically in under an hour from flat to 90 percent plus),

This REQUIRES that you have a vehicle with 24 volt electrical system however, like buses, coaches, RV's, trucks, boats etc.  In addition in car 24v wheelchair chargers are available that run from your cars 12v electrics. So you can charge while you drive!  Some small suitcase generators have 24v battery charging outputs too and these can be connected directly if you get stuck and need a charge or if say camping or on a busy day out.

30 Amp Anderson Charging Plug Power Wheelchair

The white/grey socket seen here is an Anderson connector. Its a 50 amp sized one. These things come in all sizes and colours. They are strong reliable and need cables that can take 50 amps (8 square mm minimum but 10 sq mm cable is better). They cannot connect back to front and any two can be connected together. This one is connected across the two batteries to give the full 24 volts. 

If you want you can also fit two more on the left side of the chair as I have, (so you don't get mixed up) and connect each one to a separate battery to give 12v at each plug/connector. I will not tell you how to do/wire this because if you need to ask then you really are not safe doing it! - Find a yourself a good DIYer or an auto electrician, or if you can find a powerchair technical guy that understands it.

And now with a PAIR of connectors. (2x 12v) for greater flexibility.  One to each 12v battery.

Why you would want to add two 12v connectors - one to each battery individually.
FOR ADVANCED users only!

a) It allows you to check that each battery is at the SAME exact voltage after charging and that no imbalance is developing. See the extensive other battery info on this site to understand why this is essential!  I actually use a dual 12v charger rather than a single 24 volt one because this is so important. See below.

b) It allows you to charge each individual battery individually with a single12v charger (ONE AT A TIME ONLY) therefore making sure that both batteries are correctly and absolutely equally charged and at the same exact charged voltage level. Since the two batteries are also connected in series to power your scooter or powerchair then NEVER try to charge both at once as your charger will be damaged or shorted out!

c) It allows you to charge your batteries INDIVIDUALLY very fast when out and about from any 12V automobile. Just use one 12V plug/connector at a time for half an hour and connect to any normal cars 12v charging system (the vehicles battery) with the engine running.

You just need the matching Anderson plug with a couple of crocodile / battery clamps to connect to the vehicles battery as used on a vehicle jump leads. You get a constant 14.4 volts this way from the cars alternator and your battery is safe from overcharge just like your cars own battery is. It will charge very fast. (Typically half hour to 90 percent full from very discharged)

Do only ONE AT A TIME to avoid smoke and sparks...  You need to understand why this is important! If you don't, then don't try it!

Then later on when home and time allows make sure that you charge each 12v scooter or wheelchair battery individually via the same connectors with a modern logic controlled multi stage quality 12v battery charger over a full charge cycle after this to rebalance the two batteries up properly and ensure they are at the same state of charge once again..

You really do not want one in a higher state of charge than the other when charging with your normal 24v wheelchair charger as it will overcharge one battery and

undercharge the other at the same time. Causing long term damage to both batteries. This is only for those that understand what they are doing. I have been doing it for years without issue. It just means that I have yet another method of charging my powerchair from my van at a very fast rate as and when needed on a busy day out should the need/opportunity arise.

d) you CAN run any 12v devices you may want to use by connecting to either 12v plug/connector. But remember that the batteries MUST be rebalanced by charging them both to the same state (as described above) or they will be damaged otherwise in the long term by using the normal 24v wheelchair charger later on.

Disclaimer... If you do not fully understand all of this or the possible consequences of getting anything wrong then do not do it!  It requires understanding for safety.  Batteries can produce thousands of amps and explode if you don't know what you are doing!  Its all quite safe if you DO understand.

You will also need some of these!

I get my terminals and my Anderson connectors from the great Bay of E... Typically the Anderson connectors are less than 2 UK pounds.


Cheaper crimp versions work, but are less reliable than the soldered ones in the top picture.

I also have Anderson fly leads connected to all my vehicle batteries, and all my chargers.

 In this way its easy to start my van from my powerchair in an emergency or charge my powerchair from my van... Or to connect any of my chargers, inverters, generators, or other appliances together at will just by keeping a single Anderson "extension" lead of a couple of meters length in my van.

Very fancy gold plated connectors for the perfectionist! (below) I have loads of these!  eBay again.

As for cable 8 square mm is the minimum size that's is safe. 10 square mm is better. Make sure you do a safe job.  If in any doubt either don't do it or get an expert to do it for you


When it comes to connecting to a vehicle battery for charging, especially with a pair of 12v connectors you better understand what you are doing!

Because get it wrong and you could be sat on a very hot flaming powerchair or actually explode a battery or melt a cable or two! Its only for those that truly understand what they are doing! Its the knowledge of what is happening that makes it safe. In other words I am not responsible for your safety - you are!

Having said all that it is perfectly safe if done correctly and I have been doing this for many years.

But as a good friend who supplied technical equipment to the public  once said to me:

"No matter how idiot proof I try to make the instructions it doesn't help because they keep on making better idiots..."

In other words I can give out information in good faith but I cant control what people do with it.

I can now charge my chair fast with this 30 amp 24v charger. It does 12v too! So I can also charge each battery individually to be sure they are "matched" and at the exact same state of charge. Since my VAN also has this same connection I can use this 30 amp charger to charge my van if needed too. But more importantly I can charge my powerchair directly from my van! And very quickly. see Charge a Powerchair directly from a vehicle

This allows me to either charge both batteries together in series as 24v string using the standard wheelchair charger, (which now has a single Anderson connector fitted. Or to do the same with the fast 30 amp charger above when in a hurry.  And it also allows me to power my Hyperion charger to charge ANY battery directly from my powerchair. That included hobby stuff, phones, vehicles and other powerchairs! Below:

This charger is truly flexible...

But dual 12v sockets on the chair allows me to use this advanced charger every night while I sleep. Better, and faster than any wheelchair charger because it charges each 12v battery individually rather than as a "string" in series.  So each gets the correct charge regardless.


And of course those Anderson sockets allow you to run other things from your powerchair directly. This is a cheap 2000 watt inverter. It allows me to power a lawnmower, laptop, drill, power polisher, vacuum cleaner, or whatever you wish directly from your powerchair!  I am running a hair trimmer from the inverter above as I type. No more cables to wind in and out and get caught in your wheels.

12v appliances work too!  (use one single battery/connector) But if you do that you must also use a split 12v + 12v charger like the yellow one above to rebalance your batteries while you sleep!  Or charge them with a quality 12v multi stage charger one at a time.

Of course there are many other options and combinations of chargers and other devices that you can now use too. But you must understand what you are doing - or don't blame me when it all bursts into flames.

A pair of connectors, ready wired up with 8 gauge cable and fitted to a metal plate for easy mounting...

Bolting that plate to the seat frame.  Then just connect to each battery...  Ask an adult!  And don't blame me if you get it wrong!  Works great for me but I understand what I am doing.

Use HEAVY gauge cables. This is 10 square mm cable. Hard insulation and tinned.  Quality stuff. This came from EBay as did the ten Anderson connectors in the box. Check out marine wiring suppliers etc. This stuff is hard to get. 8 gauge is ok if you cant find this but considerable thinner. I re wire all my powerchairs with this stuff. The stock puny wiring on factory powerchairs loses MUCH power. Because the controllers protection cuts in when it thinks the battery voltage has dropped. When really its the cable resistance under load.



Any questions? See Message Board

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