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John Williamson

Wheelchair users and fast weight loss.

I KNOW how to lose lots of weight fast and successfully.

I just lost over 5 stone in 7 weeks!  No you didn't read that wrong and its not a typo!  And no I am not selling anything. I did exactly the same thing 20 years ago too before being disabled. You can do this too!  5 stone is 32kg for those of us that do metric!

And am still losing it as I type this. I lost a further 2 stone while in bed
with a minor pressure sore recently  for a few weeks (12). That's a total of 7 stone lost in a few months overall.  Sounds "impossible" doesn't it!  Well its really not! And its easy.

Its actually pretty easy to do this but you have to be absolutely strict and controlled...

We have 3 big problems as wheelchair users:

1. We don't do much in the way of exercise. Even standing still uses more than sitting in a wheelchair. Walking uses lots of energy. So as wheelchair users we gain weight even if we eat a "normal" supposed healthy diet. A normal "weight loss diet" as applied to able bodied people just does not work at all on us.  We as wheelchair users literally need half of that to lose any real weight...

2. We cant do or enjoy much any longer and eating is one of life's pleasures that we can still enjoy!  This also causes us to get fatter than "normal" people. So it makes "dieting" or even staying slim difficult or at least much harder to do.

3. If we are not careful we can make ourselves more prone to skin problems like pressure sores. (Mines was caused by sitting on a TV remote in a powerchair seat all day though! Not my diet  Shit happens)

Well weight loss is simple physics. Forget about everything you think you know and dieticians well meaning advice and stuff like slow "metabolisms" etc.

Its REALLY dead simple. EVERYONE that eats less calories / energy than they use up all day breathing and living  WILL lose weight. Eat more than you expend and you will gain weight day in and day out.  This is a  simple inescapable  fact.

This diet is not "healthy". My doctor told me not to do it. He sent me to a dietician who told me what a healthy diet was (I already knew that!)  When I told her that I was ignoring that and just eating protein and nothing else she told me I was nuts. Now I weigh less than she does. Its maybe unhealthy or unsafe but so is being fat and probably more so and this extreme fast diet actually works.  You decide.  But this is your own decision so don't come blaming me if you die...

All I did was decide to eat ONLY a multi vitamin, and 400g of chicken or turkey every day. That's it. Nothing else!  Every day. Exiting its not!!!  It drives you nuts but its not for long so just do it...

NO tea, coffee, beer, bread or anything else. This is important. ABSOLUTELY nothing else!

That amounts to going to Sainsbury fresh meat / delicatessen counter and getting a weeks worth of chicken, chicken with stuffing, roast turkey, smoked turkey, etc all just cut and wrapped in as close to 200g portions as possible.

I eat one 200g pack at lunch time. I eat another in the evening. I drink a dozen diet drinks (cans) a day. And that is my TOTAL intake daily. Nothing else whatsoever. That is approx 400 calories per day total. Nothing else. Its insanely boring and unhealthy. It works unbelievably well...

DO NOT be tempted to eat ANYTHING else. Chicken/turkey has almost no fat, or carbohydrate, its almost all protein. Protein tells your stomach/brain  that you are satisfied and you don't feel hungry.  Its also the thing that your body needs to repair and maintain your skin to avoid pressure sores...

Any tiny bit of protein does that. So the diet is actually easy since you will not feel hungry but it is boring.

Any carbohydrate you eat or drink sends the opposite message to your brain. "EAT MORE!"  Your body is looking for protein. No protein? Then your brain gets the eat more message...

That's things like bread, cakes, sugar, fruit, cereals, beer, biscuits, crisps. Why do you think you cant eat one Pringles. Or keep having another chocolate? Why do you think beer makes you want to eat? As well as being stuffed with calories anyway!

So ONLY eat white chicken or turkey. Only drink diet drinks. Watch the weight drop off. You will be amazed. If it doesn't then you are lying to yourself and not sticking to what I said. Of course you might die if my doctor is correct but hey fat people will almost certainly die early anyway. So the risk is worth it and it works.

You will laugh at people in the future as I do now when they tell you they tried all "the diets" and non work.





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