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Click for the new 2008 2009 2010 Dodge Grand Caravan wheelchair conversion! New Model, Rollx & Braun Wheelchair Converted Chrysler / Dodge Lowered Floor Minivans.

I already own a 2007 Rollx  Dodge Grand Caravan SXT and that is discussed over on these pages.

This newer version shown here is the newest 2008/2009/2010 and onwards version, Rollx converted, side ramp, lowered floor, left hand drive model imported from the USA to the UK for cost reasons. A right hand drive UK sourced one is around a third or more expensive!

I took these pictures recently at Bekker Mobility. Its another US imported Rollx Disabled Converted "drive from  wheelchair" van. It has a new owner waiting. If you are interested in one of these brand new imported left hand drive ones at a very advantageous price then please contact Bekker Mobility & ask for Carla and tell them I sent you!




Click for the new 2008 2009 2010 Dodge Grand Caravan wheelchair conversion!

Dodge Rollx Small  Dodge Rollx Medium  Dodge Rollx Large  Dodge Rollx Minivan Full Size

Most of what is already written about my 2007 version also applies to all the different Braun, Rollx, VMI and other lowered floor conversions, equally to the 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013 model here.  And there's four pages of it..  So go there for the real detailed info!   This page concentrates just on the new look! 


This new 2008 Chrysler Dodge Grand Caravan is the same vehicle apart from minor trim differences as the UK's right hand drive Grand Voyager and the US Chrysler "Town And Country". All are from the same basic vehicle design and share 99 percent of the parts.

Basically the latest model is just a facelift (a pretty intensive one!)

But all the wheelchair lift/ramp and floor lowering conversion details are all still very much the same as before so this will most likely be a pretty short page with a few pictures so we can see how the 2008 model compares to the 2003 to 2007 version that I already use. Shown elsewhere

My firsts thoughts were that it looked boxy and square and old fashioned compared to the 2007 model it replaces. I still think the rear end is pig ugly! But the front and the side view do grow on you.

The body like looks high and impressive from the front/side.

And the Rollx conversion that is shown here with the side skirts actually make this effect more impressive! It looks much better because of the ride height increase and the side skirts than a standard Vehicle.  The same is true of the 2007 one as well though. See here for a comparison of my Rollx one parked next to a stock Grand Voyager. Makes a standard non wheelchair accessible Chrysler minivan look a little sad!  If you still prefer the 2007 model shape these are still available at a very advantageous price already converted and brand new as of mid 2008...

One of the comments by Carla, the woman who runs Bekker mobility, was that the new 4.0 litre engine was much better and pulls better still at low revs. The 3.3 always was gutless and thrashy, the 3.8 in the later Chrysler minivans like mine was a much nicer engine. But the new 4.0 is better still.  I have to get a new van...



Which in my book is great. I hate deseasels! They are horrid clattery things with very limited rpm range / power band, best suited to ditch pumps and cement mixers or generators. Then we wouldn't need about 12 gears to row the car along!  They do save fuel though.

BUT if you would rather have a lovely smooth 3.8 or 4.0 V6 cylinder petrol engine just get an LPG gas conversion. About half the cost of pump petrol depending where you live . And the UK government has promised that the price differential will always remain the same for the foreseeable future because its clean and a waste product that the refineries cant get rid of. The best of all worlds then - the flexibility and smoothness and quietness of a big 6 cylinder petrol engine with better economy than a smelly noisy narrow power band diesel... 

If you are a masochist and actually still want a diesel then you will have to buy a UK or European Chrysler Voyager as they are the only ones available at about twice the cost of a US imported left hand drive one. And half as pleasant to drive.

Don't let left hand drive scare you. It takes all of about half an hour to get used to it. After that you honestly never notice it. Unless someone comments on it. You can see perfectly to overtake both over and through most cars, and you can see to the left of them too! Really at 20,000 UK pounds saving approx it is well worth considering a left hand drive option! That saving could buy you a complete unmodified spare Minivan! Or a lot of beer!

OK then a few more pictures of the 08 Dodge 4.0 V6 Rollx converted van imported from the USA!

Lowered floor minivan 2009
Lowered floor Minivan Larger  |  Lowered floor Minivan Huge

This is an in floor ramp rather than a folding ramp. Not sure which I prefer but this allows access without the ramp in the way for non wheelchair passengers when required. But its useful if you have a dog or a horse(!)  It works just like the 2007 model and has a fully carpeted and lowered floor to allow easy access and enough headroom to drive while sat in a wheelchair if you want like I do. Or it can accommodate up to 4 wheelchairs (one driver) with occupants and three in the rear seats!  No change over previous versions here then!

2009 Rollx Dodge Larger View

The rear view just looks ugly to me. Maybe I will get used to it? It looks like it fell out of the ugly tree and hit every branch on the way down including the ground with its rear end...

Suspension lowered ramp deployed larger | Suspension Lowered Ramp Deployed larger still  You are probably getting the idea now!

Rear Quarter Ramp Van Large | Rear Quarter Ramp Van Huge

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder they say. Maybe my beholder is busted. And seriously it needs a better much wider lower profile set of wheels and tyres. And a new rear end. Or the old one even as below! They (narrow wheels/tyres) look awful. Although better than the stock wheels on the 2007 one!  I swapped mine for a wider prettier set.

My rear (if you see what I mean...) to compare the 2008 minivan to my 2007 Dodge SXT below - its much more rounded and organic (and I prefer it!) and the wheels and tyres that I chose to fit later on (about 1 day later on!) after I collected it, are a better size match.  (245/50/18 on 18x8.5J wheels ET 35) than either the stock 2007 or the 2008 minivan wheels. They both work and look better and fill the wheel arches better. What is it with the manufacturers?  LOTS More here on my 2007 van if you are interested...

That pic shows the rear end of the my earlier 2007 van for comparison.



Chrysler Voyager Entervan Diesel 

This is basically the same as my own left hand drive US imported Rollx Van, but is a right hand drive version converted by the Braun company. They are almost identical. Both finished to a high standard but this one is Diesel. I hate diesels but that's just me!  And about 24k more expensive than my own! Both wheelchair transport, ride up front and drive from solution.












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