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Part 2. Once these major modifications have been completed the van can accommodate up to four wheelchair seated occupants in comfort including one that drives directly from the wheelchair if needed.

Middle row of seats are permanently removed. The front two can be removed or one removed or replaced as required and they simply lock into a track in the floor. They have small wheels to allow easy rolling in and out of the van. If you drive from a wheelchair you will also need hand controls or electronic hand controls and some form of wheelchair tie down (see menu).   Page 1  2  3  4

To see some large clear photos of my Rollx van click these links below!  Large means very large...  full 10 million pixels or 3880 wide! (for printing should you wish.)  Medium is 1024 wide.  All will open in a new window. Enjoy!
The Chrysler minivan with ramp deployed, tailgate open (which is remote electonically operated) Ramp and kneel deployed Sat in the driveway after a clean!
Ramp medium Ramp Van medium Rollx Minivan medium Rollx Van medium
Ramp large Ramp van large Rollx Minivan large Rollx Van large




The Girlfriend getting out! Rear view on Grimsby UK dock quayside On the Grimsby dock folding ramp extended and suspension lowered RB3 Satellite navigation radio is extremely effective (not standard but available for the Voyager and straight fit)
Girlfriend medium Disabled Van medium Side Ramp Van med Dodge Dashboard med
Girlfriend large Disabled Van large Side door van large Sorry no large image
Rear quarter of 2007 Dodge Caravan same as Chrysler Voyager and Town and country inside Chryslers minivan The 3.8 litre V6 engine bay (Chrysler Dodge Minivan MPV) 3.8 Litre V6 is the same engine to look at as the 3.3 litre Voyager engine. Its just bigger on the inside!
Dodge minivan med Minivan Rollx inside med Dodge Engine 3.8 med Minivan engine med
Dodge minivan  Large Rollx van inside large Dodge Engine V6 Large Minivan Engine large

Dodge Caravan SXT with suspension & ramp lowered

These Chrysler minivan conversions are very flexible.  They can be converted into extremely comfortable luxury drive from wheelchair vans.  They are very lazy and easy to both use and drive with every conceivable electronic toy and creature comfort - they do everything for you.  The latest 2007 models are absolutely superb and have everything you will ever need including remote controlled side doors and tailgate.


They are built on an almost production line basis before ever being registered with superb quality of build and attention to detail.  They ride and drive as smoothly and quietly as a standard vehicle (which is class leading) and have a real luxury limo "feel" with the extra space inside due to the 10 inch lowered floor and the middle row of seats being removed.  Your passengers will feel like real VIPs!

Suspension raised and ramp up/door closed. Compare to photo above

If you want a vehicle that can be converted (or has been converted) for driving from a wheelchair then there are one or two alternatives as of 2007.  This is possibly the best!

As you approach this van you press a button on the remote key fob. Three things happen:

  • The side sliding door opens.

  • As this is happening the van kneels. (Suspension lowers to allow easier less steep entry)

  • The ramp in the picture below deploys automatically.

Once inside the reverse happens and you are ready to roll!  I just drive up to the steering wheel in my wheelchair and the device mounted on the floor grabs hold of my chair. Put ignition key in and drive away. It takes seconds only.

If you order a right hand drive Chrysler Minivan then the ramp is on the left side opposite to the steering wheel.  If you order a left hand drive US spec rampvan the ramp is on the right.  The complete floor pan is a mirror image on these vehicles. Its not just about the steering wheel.  And one side door is wider than the other.  So it has to be this way. 

The other main difference is that the left hand drive US imported ones are about 20,000 cheaper! I kid you not.  Steering Developments import the Braun Entervan.  It looks exactly the same as my Rollx Dodge SXT van (although called a Chrysler Grand Voyager) but because its right hand drive it costs an amazing 53,000 UK Pounds! Mine was 30,000k  including the wheelchair tie-down and hand controls as well as importing and transport costs etc. Braun vans are very slightly more expensive anyway though although as far as I can tell no different in quality to the Rollx van.

Kneel on and ramp down - awaiting my entry!

Chryslers van with a decent set of wheels on it looks pretty cool!  Not every wheelchair user wants to look like one you see! . (See my other VW van elsewhere on this site!)  There are cheaper alternatives for a drive from wheelchair vehicle but this is definitely the best, easiest  and most stylish way to go as far as I know!

Room for my powerchair!  I drive sat in this wheelchair.

  Rollx Dodge SXT inside! (same as Chrysler Grand Voyager)


In the USA they are all 3.8 litre V6 engines (nice and powerful but you may need to consider a LPG conversion at 37p per litre in Europe!)  and in Europe they are either 3.3 litre (not a nice engine - very thrashy and less low down power) or 2.8 litre Common Rail Diesel (CRD) sourced from Mercedes (Daimler/Chrysler) which is a much better choice if you value your wallet. It has 4 cylinders only and is (like all diesels) noisy and has all its power in one big lump!    However the nicest to drive by far is the imported 3.8 litre V6 one.    Needless to say mines a 3.8 V6 Auto! (they are all auto anyway...)  Shame the UK cannot get the 3.8 in a Chrysler Voyager, because we get stuck with the less nice 3.3 or the diesel which is a shame. 

A better bet is the 3.8 V6 with a LPG conversion!  That gives the smooth power of the big V6 with better economy than the diesel by a mile!  Best of all worlds then. Faster quieter cheaper to run and smoother!

Door open showing wheelchair tie down / clamp


Click image for a larger view of the Dodge Caravan Ramp van by RollxAnd unlike the deseasel its very quiet too!


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