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powerchair charger

The PRO SPORT 20 Marine Battery Charger, by Sterling makes a greatly superior battery charger for any 24 volt machine. E.G.  Scooter, Powerchair, Golf Cart etc, 

Using this in place of the charger that came with your Powerchair or Scooter has many advantages.  

It is superior to any mobility 24v charger for several important reasons:

a) it charges each 12v battery INDIVIDUALLY to properly control the battery voltage during charge. It has 2x 12v charge outputs. Two isolated separate 12v battery chargers in one case. 

So while being a superior charger it does require that you fit 2 Anderson Style connectors to the individual batteries. That's pretty simple though and the other benefits of those connectors can be huge! See link.

Why does it charge batteries individually? Not all batteries or cells are created equal and its quite usual with a normal mobility type charger to overcharge one battery and undercharge the other as the mobility charger sees only the total voltage of both batteries. It charges them as a string of batteries in line or in "series". 

Your batteries will then, last longer and range may well be improved too as both batteries are kept accurately in balance with less "overcharge" being applied by the charger which dries out the electrolyte over time.

b) it charges at 10 amps. That means you will be charging in the main "bulk" phase twice as fast as the typical 5 amp mobility charger supplied with your scooter or powerchair.  Or in a third less time if your existing charger is a 7 amp one.

No more waiting for the "ready" light in a morning. And no it absolutely does NOT harm batteries to charge them faster! If done in a properly controlled way.

 I charge mine with various devices at up to 100 amps without issue. Just as your cars alternator does.  I also charge my powerchair directly from my van. via the same Anderson Style connectors and I use them to power inverters to run power drills, computers etc.

c) its a switch mode 4 stage stage logic controlled device that is designed for either Gel batteries like the common MK ones or AGM batteries such as Optima and Hawker Odyssey. Switchable (details later)  So its both efficient (89 percent) and kind to your batteries. And will save you money in batteries and electricity in the long term.

d) it has no fan to keep you awake! And is sealed, potted in resin and totally 100 percent waterproof.  And thermally stable, and shock proof too!

e) It is smaller than many old style heavy transformer mobility chargers and around the same size as a 5 or 7 amp switch mode "travel" charger.

Compared to a 7 amp powerchair travel charger. Its longer, slightly wider, but not as deep. It is heavier though. Don't take it back packing.

As it arrived! It is available in either 110v or 230v versions depending where you live. Its actually intended to supply a boats battery banks and keep them topped up.  But its perfect for a wheelchair.

Most MODERN logic controlled Powerchair Chargers are optimised for Gel batteries. This charger has that option too. As it comes it is ready to charge Wet Acid deep cycle batteries and good AGM batteries like the Optima and Odyssey.  But cut the yellow wire (it wont explode!) as shown below and it is then optimised for Gel batteries. You choose! And you cant change your mind!

The Gel setting is safe for all batteries even AGM ones though. Its just less "perfect". So if you are unsure then cut the wire and set it for Gel! 

Before cutting this wire you get 14.6v during absorption phase while charging and then after the charge light goes out it "floats" the batteries at 13.2v indefinitely - Perfect for Quality AGM batteries like Optima, and Odyssey that I use. (Normal mobility chargers can also be used on these AGM batteries but they undercharge by a few percent although that generally isn't a problem.

After cutting the wire you get 14.2v during absorption phase, dropping to 13.7v /13.8v indefinitely. Perfect for the MK Gel batteries and similar Gel batteries.  As actually measured. That's better and a closer match than all the mobility chargers that are supplied with the powerchairs that I ever tested. They are mostly 14.4v peak (28.8v) and 13.8+ or no float at all.

Front. It doesn't get simpler! One power led so you can see its plugged in. One charge LED that shows you its charging. When charge completed it goes off. At that point you are ready to go! Or leave it plugged in for permanent maintenance "charge" quite safely for as long as you want be it months or years.

Bottom. This is grey resin. Its why its reliable, waterproof, heavy, thermally stable and not repairable if it goes wrong! But they don't!

You need to fit a pair of these to your powerchair or scooter. Its pretty easy. Search eBay for Anderson connectors 50 amp. You need 2 for the charger. 2 for the powerchair, and some spare ones since you can now use them for powering inverters, laptops, etc. And it doesn't matter that you use one battery since the charger will rebalance the batteries every night.   I bolt mine to a small aluminium plate and then it just works like a single plug/socket.

Here are some more I made earlier (blue peter style!) These are for my powerchairs. They just bolt under the seat frame on the side out of the way.

For Scale!

PDF Instruction & Specs  Manufacturers Specification.


And slightly cheaper, and with more charge settings, a slightly more efficient charger that can do EXACTLY the same as the above charger (and can also do 3 batteries or a 36v system as well) there is the PROCHARGE20 (PRO CHARGE 20) below:

It is slightly better in all respects and more adjustable but is NOT waterproof. If I had the choice again I would probably have bought one of these instead. Although both work great and charge your batteries individually.  Larger image of PRO CHARGE 20



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